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Five hundred and sixty acres have been developed into twenty-seven acreages varying in size from 5 to 78 Acres. Lot 2 & 4 to 21 vary in size from 5 to 18 acres and enjoy Panoramic Ocean Views to the east and southeast extending from the North Shore Mountains, Vancouver, Fulford Harbour, Southern Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier, Olympic Mountains, Victoria, Sidney, Victoria International Airport, and everything else in between. In addition to the exceptional ocean views these lots also feature valley and rocky vistas, wetlands, ponds, streams, meadows, forested areas, rich agricultural soils, wildlife, and much more. Lots 1, 3 and 22 – 25 vary in size from 14 acres to 78 acres and offer features such as sunny western slopes, rocky and valley vistas, forested areas, wetlands, streams, meadows, wildlife, ponds, rich agricultural soils, farm and ranch potential.

Skywater Privacy

It is reasonable to expect that there will be virtually no additional development of Skywater’s neighbouring properties. Most of the land to the north is owned by the Province of British Columbia and designated as a park by the Islands Trust. The lands to the south and east are fully developed. The lands to the west are part nature preserve and part occupied and owned by a Buddha Monastery. Skywater is a private strata development with only one entrance and not open to public traffic

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